International Geocaching Day in North Devon

If you go down to the Coast Path today, you are in for a big surprise!

To celebrate International Geocaching Day on Saturday 18th August, our sponsors, the family-run hotel group Brend Hotels, have released a collection of exclusive new 'Brend Teddy Bear' geocaches on the South West Coast Path.

Hidden at secret locations along the North Devon Coast Path where Brend Hotels meet the National Trail, hunting for these mini treasure boxes is a great free school holiday activity and a fun way to introduce the kids to the Coast Path. The first of the geocaches will be released near Barnstaple and Saunton this weekend.

The new gecaching trails come as part of Brend Hotel’s new sponsorship of the South West Coast Path Association, the charity quite literally on their doorstep. Peter Brend Junior, Director of Brend Hotels said “With almost all of our eleven hotels sat on (or very close to the South West Coast Path), we are thrilled to be working with the Association on celebrating and preserving this great asset to the region - and one of the best walks in the world. Our hotel guests and local communities love to explore the path, taking in the heritage, geology and breath-taking scenery along the way, and we are passionate about it being maintained for future generations to continue to enjoy”.

Ken Carter, Chairman for the South West Coast Path Association said, “It’s brilliant to have the support of local businesses like Brend Hotels. The South West Coast Path is such an important asset for the region. Not only does it give us a way to connect with our natural surroundings, it also supports thousands of jobs and drives the local economy, so it really is very special to see people wanting to give back to the Path that gives so much.”

So, what is geocaching? Geocaching is the world’s largest treasure hunt! It is a fun outdoor activity for all ages, where participants use GPS tracking to hide and seek containers called ‘geocaches’ at locations all over the planet via the free geocaching app. Each time a geocache is uncovered, the finder records their discovery on the geocaching app and signs the logbook inside the geocache, proving that they found it. A geocache is usually a small waterproof container, around the size of a lunchbox, with a logbook and sometimes a special ‘hitchhiker’ inside – like the Brend Bears – this is a mascot that can be moved from geocache to geocache, and their travels are followed online.

In most cases geocaches are found in the countryside or parks, close to a well-known trail like the South West Coast Path. Geocaches are of varying difficulties to find - they can be hidden beneath bushes or slotted under bridges, sneaked in between tree roots or even submerged underwater! There are hundreds to seek along the North Devon Coast alone, so once you have hunted for the Brend Bears, you can keep exploring. Download the geocaching app to get started and read more about geocaches on the Coast Path here.

Happy hunting!

Published on: Aug. 16, 2018