National Geographic photographer judging this years' photo competition

To judge this years' annual photo competition we've enlisted the help of Nigel Hicks, a fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography who shoots all over the world for National Geographic Creative.

Based in South Devon, his latest project is much closer to home, having recently published a stunning collection of work from the region in ‘Wild Southwest’.

Nigel says of the Coast Path:

“The huge amount of work I've done overseas has taught me just how valuable our South West Coast Path is. I can't count the number of times I've been prevented from accessing coastlines overseas by closed private property, my reaction to which usually varies somewhere between bewilderment and righteous indignation. By contrast, the Coast Path embodies a deeply held democratic principle that everyone, no matter how rich or poor, how famous or obscure, can wander at will along almost every piece of our coast. Not only is the coast itself priceless but so is this principle.”

“As far as I'm concerned, the Coast Path is one of the world's great hiking trails, not just one of the UK's. Though some sections offer gentle walks, much of the terrain is surprisingly rugged and challenging even for a seasoned hiker, and along practically every yard of its 630-mile trail, dramatic and incredibly beautiful vistas continually unfold. This is one of Britain's wildest natural frontiers, quite a surprise to many people on such a crowded island.”

“Whilst it's true that the great majority of both visitors to the southwest and the region's residents don't walk vast stretches of the Coast Path, I'm sure it's also true that the great majority do walk at least small fragments of it, making the Path quite central to the region’s tourist - and hence its principal - economy, enabling large numbers of people to get close to and enjoy the region's principal attraction - its coastline.”

The South West Coast Path’s annual photo competition closes on December 1st 2017 and is open to budding photographers of all ages and abilities; prizes include a £250 voucher to spend at Cotswold Outdoor for the overall winner and a place on any of Nigel Hicks’ one-day photography workshops in the southwest, plus a singed copy of his book. All calendar winning entries will receive membership of the South West Coast Path Association, a Cicerone guidebook, as well as the chance to grace the official 2018 Coast Path calendar.


We look forward to seeing all of your wonderful pictures of the Path throughout the year! Good luck

Published on: Oct. 18, 2017