Hooked on the Path

For the past thirty-five years, my wife and I have been spending our holidays walking the South West Coast Path. Right from the first experience, I became hooked and joined up as a lifetime member of the Association. I have now walked segments of about two hundred miles each year, always in May. The entire Path has now been achieved ten times over, and, today, at age seventy-six, I enjoy it more each year, and will do it until my legs drop off!

To be on that Path, with its physical challenges and mental rewards, is beyond description. Last May, as I strode into the wind and the sunset, this little poem came into my head so I pulled out a pen and paper, sat on a rock near Zennor, and wrote it down. I hope it resonates with all those people who feel the same way as we do about the experience.



She can lead you to places that you've never been.

Show you some things that you've never seen.

She'll tempt you to do things you couldn't do,

then bask in your smile and congratulate you.


She will promise you more if you are still in need,

then praise your effort when your feet start to bleed.

She then reveals what she wants you to see.

She's always a magnet for me.


She'll lead you to places that are far removed,

but you know that tomorrow you will be soothed.

She'll tease you and please you, and tie you in knots,

but she'll never leave you, no matter what.


She's frequently kind but can also be cool.

She does as she pleases and is nobody's fool.

She'll dare you to try, then drench you in rain,

then blow you dry and do it over again.


If you're a traveller who walks in the dark,

she'll help you along by providing the spark.

The twinkle in her eye will light your way

into the space that is the next day.


She'll try to entice you with fish from the sea,

then assault your nostrils with drying seaweed.

Everyone's different, it's a matter of taste.

This is right now and this is the place.


She'll gaily encourage you to pass the test

then spite you and bite you to bring out your best.

After it's over, she'll calm you down

with the cry of seabirds to reduce your frown.


She goes on and on and when you think she is done,

She laughs right out loud and brings out the sun.

She's joyful and playful, of fun there's no lack.

She'll easily blow off my red and black hat.

But she's always a magnet for me.

John Taylor

Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada    


Published on: Feb. 16, 2017