7 weeks in reverse

On 31st May, Maurice Rimes set off on his walk of a lifetime along the South West Coast Path, using the reverse
 guide which took him from Poole to Minehead with the aim to reach his final destination by 19th July.

His cause, raising awareness – and money - for refugees was the focus for his walk and every day he updated his Facebook page with a highlight from the day’s walk.

He said: “I'm from Australia but was born and raised in Devon, and am doing the walk 'for' refugees. I’ve been impressed with the well signed and well maintained path, despite a couple of routes around Start Point and Hartland, so well done to all at the South West Coast Path.”

He completed his challenge on schedule and this was his final thought for the day:

Walk Day 46 - the last one!
Monday 18th July
Porlock to Minehead
Word of the day: destination
That's it, job done! Destination reached!

Yesterday evening's mist evidently signalled a fine following day. After a very long slog up from Bossington, relieved every so often by stopping to turn round and admire the picturesque vale of Porlock, I had a third day running of splendid walking with Exmoor on my right and the sea far below on the left.

Today was much clearer and from the tops I could pick out individual houses on the Welsh coast to the north, and Dunkery Beacon, Exmoor's highest point, very clear to the south. The scale of the scenery is grand.

At the sculpture on Minehead's harbour-front, which marks the start/end of the path, quite a reception committee was waiting including my three sisters and three representing the Devon and Cornwall Refugee Support, ten in all - plus a beautiful banner - and refreshments of course. Rather humbling!

So that's it for the walking. I feel satisfied that I've done my bit to raise awareness of the refugee issue - that the 20 million people or thereabouts who are languishing in refugee camps around the world are in desperate need of a 'Welcome' from rich countries such as ours. The money raised is less than I had hoped, to be honest, but nevertheless useful. We will reckon up the final figures over the next month, and I'll post them. For the DCRS it is over £4,000.

In all I've walked 630 miles or 1,014 km, and climbed 35,024m which is slightly less than Mt Everest x 4, or Mt Wellington x 27.5 if you live in Hobart. Tomorrow I'll have a rest.

Maurice is raising awareness of refugees’ plight, and also raising money for:

  • Devon and Cornwall Refugee Support       and

  • Migrant Resource Centre in Southern Tasmania    and

(TBA) for fundraising for them

  • · Australia for UNHCR – Support for homeless refugees in camps around the world  and

(TBA) for fundraising for them


Published on: Aug. 3, 2016