30 CCF Capital Projects Completed!

The 1st of December brought the great news that the 30th project in the South West Coast Path Association’s Coastal Communities Fund (CCF) portfolio had been completed.

Working under harsh conditions on the north coast of Cornwall at Clodgy Point, CORMAC’s foreman Duncan and his small team have done a fantastic job of turning a deep muddy quagmire into a beautifully constructed Path that will stand the test of time and the elements.

Using metadolerite stone quarried locally from Porthoustock Quarry at St Keverne, hand selected by Hamish Gordon, CORMAC’s area Countryside Officer, over 100 tonnes had to be transported over this sensitive habitat by a small dumper truck, with each journey taking over an hour.

The size and complexity of this project have meant that it has taken many years to be able to fulfil the ambitions of Cornwall Council and the Association to improve the Path from St Ives to Zennor, and helped by the CCF grant, Hamish and his colleagues at Cormac have done a great job in completing the project in just over 6 weeks, despite the extreme conditions and being buffeted by Storms Abigail, Barney and Clodagh in that time.

Over the next few months, the surroundings will repair, and the grasses and other plants will return to give the impression that the Path has always looked like this. 

Published on: Dec. 2, 2015