Step Up

Can you help to keep the Path  accessible for everyone to enjoy - one step at a time? 

Last year supporters helped us to replace 1,000 wooden steps by raising £10,000 as part of the 40 for 40 campaign. The 'Step Up' appeal ran from the beginning of May until the end of June.

We will always need to replace wooden steps around the Path, on average 1,000 steps a year. If you would like to contribute to this ongoing work please donate below.

By providing local rangers with good quality hard wood materials, their local stretch of the Coast Path can become better maintained. Any contributions received could help to replace more steps this year.


Replacing these well-known (and loved?!) icons of Coast Path infrastructure, enables us to to make the hills easierfor youand importantly they reduce erosion across some of the most protected landscapes in the UK.  

Includinglabour, it costs £25 to replace each step, but if you donate just£10today we could buy the materials needed, andour partners on the groundwilldonate the time and skills (worth £15), to install them. Now that’s what we call great team work!  

Nearly20,000 timber steps are in place along the Coast Path 

Wooden steps can last 15-20 years, but that still means over 1,000 need replacing every year!