Find Your Way

This year we have a fantastic opportunity to ‘upgrade’ some of the way marking on the Path, at the same time as several larger improvement projects are taking place. We want to make sure that we create a high quality experience for everyone that visits the trail and having the right way markers in the right places ensures that you can easily find your way along the route, especially at trickier points when the mantra of ‘just keep the sea on your left or right’ doesn’t prevent the odd diversion off route!

We are looking to raise £10,000 this summer, that we can match with other funds already secured. At the last count there were over 4,000 along the trail. They come in three main types – for the trail nerds like us out there – wooden way markers and fingerpostsmetal way markers and fingerposts and stone markers. 


30 new wooden fingerposts or about 60 way markers cost about £10,000.

New 'acorn’ metal signs cost around £10 each.


Have you ever noticed the vast range of way marking signs along the Coast Path? 


What is unseen and unquantifiable is what they mean to the millions of walkers who reach each one along their journey. The ‘acorn’ is synonymous with all of England’s National Trails and they are very much a part of what it means to follow and find your way along the South West Coast Path.  

“Always reassuring to see the acorn” Wendy Hess, Overseas Member 

“I love my signposts (and it) always feels a bit like coming home when I am on the path” Simone Amend, Supporter


“Every turn is a new adventure or can throw up a new story” Jamie Lee-Hill, Adventurer

Photo: Jamie Lee-Hill with one of the many wooden way markers along the Trail

The ‘Find Your Way’ way marker appeal will launch officially this summer.

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