Protecting the Path for future generations

We are determined to continue to protect and conserve the Path to enable everyone to have the freedom to walk and enjoy the spectacular views that can not be seen any other way. The South West Coast Path Association receives funding from a number of sources and a large portion is raised through membership, events, challenges and fundraising. Some comes from grants and funding bodies and all of it is vital to continue to keep the Path available for us all to create memories.

Many people have wonderful stories of the Path, reminicing about the people they walked with, remembering family celebrations just a short stroll from the car park, childhood recollections of spotting a seal for the first time, watching trawlers return to small fishing villages and flopping on tufty grass after a long climb to a stunning view.

To help us continue to make memories, we are always in need of additional funds and donations from people like you. Any amount we recieve, is always appreciated. If you would like to make a donation to the Association it's easy to do.

Donate here

If you would like to discuss donations further, or perhaps would like to make a legacy in your will, please contact us on 01752 896237.