Make a Coast Path Pledge & win a holiday in Cornwall!


The #CoastPathPledge competition is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered!

A whopping 2,300 of you made a #CoastPathPledge to use The South West Coast Path in 2019 and make a positive change for mind, body or environment. The pledges were so thoughtful and inspiring - thank you to everyone who entered.

Our favourite pledge was made by Sarah. She walked the whole Path in 2017, and it quite simply transformed her life. Now she is pledging to share the healing qualities of the trail with her friends that need it most. Lucky Sarah has won an amazing stay with Beach Retreats in Cornwall to help make her pledge a reality!

Here is her pledge in full: "I pledge to take my friends who are struggling with their mental health, happiness and anxiety walking on the SWCP. I have a few friends who are struggling at the moment...I walked the entire SWCP in 2017 and it did wonders for me. As I live on the SWCP, I pledge to take my friends walking on it at least once a month and encourage them to do stages of it on their own, to independently enjoy the magnificence of the SWCP. I truly believe that when on the SWCP on your own, the experience you gain from taking in the views, surroundings, changes in seasons, weather, temperature and nature is simply magical and unbeatable."