Community fundraising

Celebrate and fundraise - throw the Path a Birthday Bash!

There are so many ways to make a difference to the future of the South West Coast Path and help to ensure that it will be open, accessible and improving lives in another 40 years.

You can do whatever you enjoy most to raise a few pounds for the Path – anything goes. It is called FUN-draising after all!

Our supporters are always coming up with exciting new ways to raise money to protect the trail they love both on and off the Path – from coffee mornings to plant sales and golf days to marathons.

Charlotte and Paul do coffee

“We plan to host a coffee morning in May to kickstart our fundraising for our ‘big walk home’ which we will be doing early September. This will consist of walking 160 miles over the course of 7 days along the stretch of the Coast Path from Land’s End to Plymouth. We have decided to do this because the Path means a lot to us. We met last year and have been walking the Path as a hobby together as and when we can. It is something special to us that not only connects us as a couple, but we have been discovering places we have never been to before”

Becca takes on 10 marathons

“On 10th July I shall be commencing my 10/10/10 Challenge which will see me run 10 marathons in 10 consecutive days along the South West Coast Path in the hope that I can raise £10,000 for excellent causes - the South West Coast Path Association being one of them. 

Running on the Coast Path means a great deal to me; I can’t get enough of the sea views and fresh air, I love the ragged terrain and the rock scrambling that comes with any outing on the Path and the horizon has an amazing calming effect on me - it levels me out! And believe me there’s all kinds of crazy in me that can only be quelled by a long, wild run on the coast! I am not sure I can actually do this, but that’s what makes it a challenge...I am just a fraction more excited than I am scared and that’s what’s driving me forward!”

Jennie's big birthday walk

"The idea for this walk began years ago, when at Portland Bill, I spotted a stone way-marker engraved with 581 Miles to Minehead and 49 to Poole. Initially, I wondered why it was 581 miles? Now I know it’s all those zig-zags!

For my milestone birthday, I wanted to do a challenge that would inspire me—and hopefully others—by doing something extraordinary. So, I’ve planned a walk from Port Isaac to Portland along the South West Coast Path—400 miles in 34 days to celebrate becoming 60.

I wish to raise £10,000 for 5 charities that mean a lot to me—one of which is the South West Coast Path Association because of their hard work to care for, maintain and repair the path that I love walking along."