Planet Earth Games

The South West Coast Path is Britain’s longest National Trail. It’s a whopping 630 miles long and includes over 115,000 ft of ascent and decent (that’s four times the height of Everest!)

As part of this year’s Planet Earth Games, we’re challenging you to find out how many days you would take to complete the Coast Path – and you don’t need to live anywhere near the coast to take partSimply follow the steps below. Please remember to follow all government guidance about exercising outdoors when carrying out Step 1 to keep you and others safe.   

Did you know?

Last year, a new record time for completing the trail was set by an ultramarathon runner who did it in just over 10 days! But most people usually need around 52 days to take on this world-famous long-distance trail.  


Going the distance

A quick look at the maths!

(X minutes x 405)  ÷ 60 + 57 ÷ 8

  • STEP 1 

Walk 2.5km (1.5 miles) and record how many minutes this takes you. How many minutes did you take?  

  • STEP 2 

Using your answer to Step 1, work out how many minutes it would take you to walk all 630 miles (1,014km) by multiplying this number by 405

(For example, if you took 30 minutes you would do 30 x 405).  

  • STEP 3 

Next, let’s work out how many hours that is. So, take your answer from Step 2 and divide it by 60. You can round your answer to the nearest whole number. This will give you the number of hours it would take you to walk all 630 miles.  

  • STEP 4 

Don’t forget the ascent and descent! You’ll need to add some extra time to allow for going up and coming down all those hills. Don’t worry, we’ve done this bit of maths for you. Take your answer from Step 3 and add 57 

  • STEP 5 

Last step! Take your answer from Step 4 and divide this number by 8. This will give you the number of days it would take you to walk the whole South West Coast Path based on walking 8 hours a day.  

Well done! You've completed the challenge. Now tell us how long your Coast Path journey would be by filling in your answer below. You can also share this with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #PlanetEarthGames tagging in @southwestcoastpath (@swcoastpath on Twitter) 

We hope this exercise has helped inspire you to one day take on the South West Coast Path for real. There are lots of details of shorter walks on our website to get you started, as well as information for walking the entire trail. Why not jon as a member and we'll send you our South West Coast Path Complete Guide as a welcome gift so you can start planning your adventure. 

How long would it take you?

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