Thank you so much to each and every one of you who has taken on the 2.6 Challenge from home to save your Natural Health Service!

We have now raised an absolutely amazing £7,484 from over 250 donors and fundraisers, across several continents, taking on the 2.6 Challenge during April. We are feeling so humbled, especially since money is still coming in now.

All of you have played an important role in softening the impact to the charity during these unprecedented times, helping us continue our vital infrastructure and outreach programmes - a heartfelt thank you.

Whether you walked 2.6 miles as part of your daily exercise, or came up with your own home-based challenge inspired by 2.6, and raised £2.60, £26 or £260it really has helped our beloved National Trail survive this period of catastrophic funding loss – so that we can all get back to enjoying our unique coastal landscape once lockdown is lifted.

Here's what some of our Coast Path Heroes have been up to:


The #TwoPointSixChallenge is still going strong now, so its not too late to get involved if you've been inspired by these fun challenges:



What is the 2.6 Challenge? 

The 2.6 Challenge has been set up to bring together the UK’s Stay at Home Heroes to save the UK’s charities whose funding has been decimated during the coronavirus pandemic, including us here at the South West Coast Path Association. 

Event organisers of the postponed London Marathon –  should have seen millions of pounds raised for amazing charities of all kinds by people running 26 miles around the capital on the 26tApril – have turned their attention instead to what we can all be doing for the causes close to our hearts during lockdown. That’s where Challenge 2.6 comes in - challenging the nation to do 2.6 (or 26 if you are feeling brave!) of anything, from home, to raise £2,60 or £26 to help your favourite charity make it out the other side. 


How can I get involved for the Coast Path? 


In five simple steps: 

  1. If you are lucky enough to live next to the Coast Path, choose one of our (approx.) 2.6 mile routes to walk or runDon’t worry if you don’t live walking distance from the Trail thoughyou can pick a 2.6 mile route locally (or clock up the distance inside your home or garden!)Come to the Coast Path virtually by downloading your favourite 2.6 mile route on the Trail and reading our vivid walking descriptions which will transport you there in your imagination! 
  2. Use your smart phone to film yourself or take a selfie in action if you can, then share it to social media using #TwoPointSixChallenge and tagging @southwestcoastpath Why not nominate a friend and challenge them to do the same by tagging them in your post? 
  3. You can then either donate the £26 or £2.60 yourself here or set up a fundraising page here. 
  4. Sign up to our 2.6 Challenge campaign list here to keep up to date with how we are getting on! 
  5. Feel amazing, knowing you are helping the South West Coast Path to survive the coronavirus pandemic - thank you!


Have fun with it! 


Why not make you 2.6 Challenge even more fun by getting a bit silly? Here’s some ideas about how you can make your challenge extra-sharable on social media: 

  • Do it in your walking boots – how about 2.6 miles around your garden – in full hiking gear? 

  • Are you a dancer? Could you salsa around your route instead of walking? 

  • Do it to music! Surely These Boots are Made for Walking or Walk This Way are the obvious tunes to start with? 

  • Take to the stairs – the Coast Path has a whopping 115,000 feet of cumulative ascent, equivalent scaling Snowdon 48 times, Ben Nevis 26 times or Everest 4 times (over 160,000 steps on your stairs at home) – could you do 26 minutes of gruelling ascent and descent on your staircase at home? 

  • Not able to walk or run just now? Could you draw a picture of your favourite view from the Trail in 2.6 minutes and challenge others to guess where it is? 

  • There are tons of other fun 2.6 Challenge ideas for you and the family here. 


How can I stay safe? 


No matter what you choose to do for your 2.6 Challenge, it is essential that you prioritise keeping yourself and everybody else safe. This means adhering to the Government Guidelines for social distancing. 


Why does the Coast Path need my help? 


As those who are sorely missing it from home are no doubt acutely aware, the South West Coast Path provides health-giving happiness to millions of people every year, provides access to a truly unique coastal landscape and connects us intimately with one of the UK’s most precious wildlife corridors. But after a winter of relentless extreme weather (including five named storms and the wettest February on record) causing many landslips and Path-diversions, here at the charity we were gearing up for a testing year of large-scale repair and resilience-building projects to protect the Trail before the coronavirus hit. 

Now we are looking at a £100,000 hole in our finances: the tourism industry with which we are so reliant on for both funding and delivering the South West Coast Path experience has been entirely shut down, Coast Path Friendly events and tours that were due to take place making a £1 per participant contribution back to the Trail have been cancelled or postponed, and our valued partners on the ground, including the National Trust, have furloughed 80% of their team, bringing many of our key programmes under threat. 

The National Trail has never needed its supporters more, so if you are one of the many people taking yourself back to happier times on the Coast Path to help you through this, please consider taking on a 2.6 Challenge to ensure that there is a Trail to enjoy in the future.



What difference would £26 make? 

If you can raise or donate £26, it will help us pay for all kinds of vital Trail infrastructure and improvement projects including: 

  • Post cliff-fall Path realignments 

  • Wildlife habitat management 

  • Steps to take you up and down the 115,000 feet of the Path’s cumulative ascent 

  • Heritage feature conservation 

  • Fingerposts to keep you on track 

  • Bridges across rivers and streams 

  • Information boards to bring the Path to life 

  • Drainage and resurfacing works to combat flooding  

Remember, however much you can raise or donate, whether it be £2.60 or £26, it all makes a real difference to the Trail.


What are the team doing? 

You won’t be going it alone! Here at the Association, we are all taking on our very own 2.6 Challenges from home too, check out what we've been up to below: