Coast Path Challenge 2018

The South West Coast Path Challenge is back to turn trailblazers into fundraisers!

...and this time around its all about celebrating the trail turning 40 years old in 2018! '40 FOR 40’, our £40,000 fundraising campaign is running throughout the summer, building up to the big finale in October when the South West Coast Path Challenge returns and we hope to cross that all-important £40,000 finish line with a burst of community fundraising activity up and down the Path.

New to the Challenge and want to know what it's all about?

In October every year, in partnership with the National Trust, we challenge our supporters to show some love for the Path. We try to get as many people out on the Path as possible during the month, giving back to the trail they love. This year, that means helping us raise £40,000 – a seriously tough challenge. You can come along to one of our exciting hosted events throughout October, or head to the Path in your own time to raise funds for the future of the Path.

What kind of events are there to join?

From night-hikes to history and nature walks, and from trail running challenges to foraging strolls, we think there is something to inspire everyone to give back to the Path this October! But if you would rather enjoy the Path at your own pace, no problem - you can still join in the fun and Challenge yourself to give back to the Path at any time during the month by organising your own Coast Path fundraiser! Click here to see the event programme.

Why should you get involved?

Where would you walk if the Coast Path didn’t exist? 9 million people every year use the South West Coast Path to experience nature and adventure as well as support their mental and physical well-being, but most don’t realise the hard work that goes into keeping the coastline accessible.

The South West Coast Path Association works to secure the way to the sea and hidden beaches, educate explorers of all ages and backgrounds on how to get the most from the Path, provide a safe corridor where local plants and wildlife can flourish, and ultimately ensure that accessing wild, beautiful coastal landscapes is free and easy for everyone. But, due to ever increasing pressure on budgets, as a charity and champion for the National Trail, we must raise ever more for the Path. Add to that increasingly extreme weather battering the coast, brought about by climate change; erosion caused by the growing number of feet on the Path; the finite lifespan of essential infrastructure like bridges, way-markers and steps, and you can see why it costs £1000 per mile per year, just to keep the 630-mile trail open.

We want to everyone to be able to reap the benefits of the Path, now, in another 40 years, and forever. By getting together with Path-loving friends for the Challenge, to have fun and fundraise or donate whatever you are able, you help make this achievable.

How can you contribute to the Challenge fundraising efforts?

Simple! You can either donate yourself when you sign up online to take part in the Challenge, or set yourself a fundraising target and raise sponsorship from friends, family and colleagues. Remember the Challenge is a community fundraiser, its about lots of people coming together and giving whatever they are able - so any amount makes a real difference. How about a fundraising target of £40 for the Path's 40th anniversary?



50% to the Association, 50% to the National Trust

The South West Coast Path Challenge is organised by the South West Coast Path Association in partnership with the National Trust to inspire people to support the Path. Our two charities collaborate closely - The National Trust owns a quarter of the land that the Coast Path travels through, and the Association raises funds for improvement and access projects on it. Together, we are working to protect and enhance the South West Coast Path, so that current and future generations can benefit from this beautiful coastal landscape. 50% of the money donated and fundraised through the Challenge goes to the National Trust Coast Path projects.

“Working with the Association has been a massive support for our work at the National Trust to keep the Coast Path alive and accessible. Their dedication to this National Trail has resulted in a number of successful projects, such upgrading the Path at Bolberry Down to enable those with restricted mobility to enjoy this section of coast and the amazing views” - Rich Snow, National Trust Countryside Manager

We can't wait to see you out on the trail in October!



Read more about our 40 FOR 40 campaign



Download your fundraising guide here         


Here are some photos from last year to get you excited:

photographer: Vickie Moss PhotographyColeton Fishacre Torchlit Trail 2017

South West Coast Path Challenge 2017

photographer: Catherine CarterSwanage 10 Mile Hike 2017

photographer: Catherine CarterGolden Cap Torchlit Trail 2017