Walks from Paignton Station

Paignton station is the terminus of the Riviera Line.

Its main building was demolished in 1993 when the booking office was moved into the old goods shed. The station is shared with the Dartmouth Steam Railway who have their own independent platform and entrance.

Originally a Celtic settlement, Paignton was a fishing village right up until the nineteenth century when the harbour was built. In 1859 the arrival of the railway brought crowds of visitors and the town quickly became a favourite tourist destination for the Victorians. Today Paignton is a landmark of the English Riviera and continues to be one of the most popular resorts in the UK.

Here are some great walks you can do straight from Paignton station.


  • Paignton Town Geology Trail - 2.0 miles (3.2 km)

    Paignton Pier - Walkies Photographer Rosie Spooner (2012 Photo Competition entry)

    A stroll through Old Paignton, looking at the rocks used in its buildings and then those on the seafront. Geological features include Permian sandstones and breccias, and Devonian limestone blocks containing fossils, as well as observing the two rocks in the walls of the ancient Bishop's Palace and the mediaeval link. Note: A magnifying glass is needed to make the most of this fascinating walk.

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  • Riviera Line - Paignton Station- Brixham - 5.4 miles (8.7 km)

    Elbury Cove, Torbay Photographer Ray Hines (2012 Photo Competition entry)

    An exploration of a living, but tranquil area of countryside and coastline that divides the residential outskirts of Paignton and Brixham. Follow the South West Coast Path from Paignton's hidden harbour, through the park built by miners, past the setting of one of Agatha Christie's most famous books to the active fishing port of Brixham, once Torbay's largest town. Return to Paignton by bus.

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  • Riviera Line - Paignton Station- Harbour & Roundham Head - 2.7 miles (4.3 km)

    Paignton Pier Dawn Photographer Richard F Taylor (2012 Photo Competition entry)

    This very accessible walk around the centre-piece of the bay provides the walker with the colourful and varied activity of Paignton's picturesque harbour and a headland walk. Visit the pier, enjoy the promenade, walk through the public gardens built by Welsh miners.

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