Coast Path Crafts

Inspired by our Inspired by the Coast artists?

Have a go at a Coast Path art project

Why not take some inspiration from these great ideas and have a go at creating a Coast Path landscape, some coastal creatures or frame your favourite view. 

We’d love to see your creations too –  tag us on social media #Inspired by the Coast or get in touch.

We will be adding more great ideas, so do come back soon to see more!

Coast Path Collages

Art Club Exeter has drawn on the theme of the sea and coast to inspire these fun and modern collage creations. The designs are simple and yet the results are eye-catching and effective. Zoe and Sophie look forward to conjuring up more projects inspired by our wonderful south west coastline, check out their website for more projects. 

Click on the pictures for instructions: 

Frame the view

Making a frame to use as a viewfinder helps you to focus on something and not get distracted by what's around it. 

It will help you pay close attention to the image that you are trying to create.

Click on the picture for instructions from Tate Kids to find out more.

Making Waves

Have a go at making a wave picture by following this simple method. You don’t need to be on the beach to try it out – just some water, some ink and different objects such as feathers to use instead of paintbrushes. Click on the picture for instructions from Tate Kids to find out more.

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Sticky maps 

Create a map of your journey along the Coast Path, with this simple project as mentioned on page 22 of our Smugglers and the South West Coast Path resource pack. All you need is some card and some double-sided sticky tape.