River Crossings

Crossing OS Grid Reference Ferry Details Alternative Route
No river crossings
North Devon
River Torridge SS468302 April to October operating daily, weather and tides permitting, two hours either side of high tide between 0930h and 21h. The service commences on Monday 7 April 2014 at 1020h
Web: www.appledireinstowferry.com
This does not follow the South West Coast Path, but is a useful route 'home' if necessary.
River Camel SW925756 At 20 minute intervals;
08.00-18.50 (summer)
08.00-19.50 (mid July-end of August)
08.00-16.50 (winter)
Tel: 01841 532239
Web: www.padstow-harbour.co.uk
It's an 11-mile round trip via Wadebridge to use the fixed crossing. It is possible to use buses, Western Greyhound routes 555 Padstow-Wadebridge and 584 Wadebridge-Rock.
The Gannel SW789612 Spring Bank Holiday and from 21st May to mid September; continuous service 7 days a week, 10.00-18.00, tide permitting.
Tel: 01637 873181
Web: www.fernpit.co.uk
There are three foot crossings further inland; (i) at Penpol (grid ref: SW 798 610), usable 3-4 hours either side of low water; (ii) at Trenance (grid ref: SW 813 608), usable at most states of the tide, but not at the highest water; (iii) via the A392 and Trevemper (grid ref: SW 819 599), usable at all times.
Gillan Creek SW781254 It is possible to wade 1 hour either side of low tide, but it is strongly recommended that this not be attempted because of slippery conditions.

Approximately three hours either side of high water the stepping stones crossing Gillan Creek are submerged. When the stepping stones are submerged but there is a ferry service on demand across the Creek during normal working hours from April 1st to October 31st. From The Boathouse at St. Anthony on the north side of the creek, and from the signboard on the beach at Halamana opposite St. Anthony Church on the south side of the creek. The sign is about half a mile west of Gillan Beach and a quarter of a mile west of Flushing Beach

Open the sign board or call the ferry on 01326 231357.

At low water it is possible to paddle straight across to the church from Halamana, getting wet up to your ankles with a shingle bottom all the way. The narrow neck of water leading towards the old gypsy caravans is the deepest and should be avoided. The stepping stones are often covered in slippery green seaweed and are not used by locals.

Website: www.stanthony.co.uk
Email: Anthony@stanthony.co.uk
The formal SWCP route goes round the creek and takes about 1 hour's walking on minor roads.
Helford River SW762267 1st April-31st October;
09.30-17.30 daily on demand.
Tel: 01326 250770
Web: www.helford-river-boats.co.uk
Walking round the Helford River is possible on a combination of footpaths and minor roads. This is a distance of 13 miles/21km and the route is set out in the 2011 SWPA Guidebook.
Carrick Roads (Falmouth) SW807329 All year except winter Sundays; June-October inclusive 3 ferries an hour, fewer at other times.
Tel: 01326 313201 (summer); 01872 861 910 (all year)
Web: www.kingharryscornwall.co.uk
It is possible to use public transport, using a bus from Falmouth to Truro bus station (First Cornwall route 88), and a further bus from Truro bus station to St Mawes (Western Greyhound route 550). Alternatively, take a taxi. The nature of the Carrick Roads and River Fal means that any walking route around is many miles and will take days rather than hours.
Percuil River SW853326 Easter-31st October;
10.00-16.45, every half hour
Tel: 01872 861910
Web: www.kingharryscornwall.co.uk
Walking round the river is possible on a combination of footpaths and minor roads. This is a distance of 9 miles/14km and the route is set out in the 2011 SWCPA Guidebook. Alternatively, part of this walking route (St Mawes-Gerrans) can be replaced by using a bus (Western Greyhound route 550), leaving a walking distance of 2.5 miles/4km.
River Fowey SX125513 All year at 5-10 minute intervals;
1st May-30th September 07.15-23.00 (start 07.30 Saturdays, 09.00 Sundays)
1st October-30th April 07.15-19.00 (start 07.30 Saturdays, Sundays 10.00-17.00)
Tel: 01726 870232
A very scenic alternative is to use the vehicle ferry (foot passengers carried) between Fowey and Bodinnick and the signed Hall Walk between Bodinnick and Polruan (2.5 miles/4km.)
River Tamar SX457537 1st April-30th September 06.45-20.30 (Saturdays 08.00-21.00, Sundays 09.00-21.00)
1st October-31st March 06.45-18.30 (Saturdays 08.00-18.30, Sundays 09.00-18.00)
Tel: 01752 822105
Web: www.tamarcruising.com
It is possible to use a bus between Cremyll and Plymouth (First Cornwall route 81C). There is no easy practical walking route.
South Devon
Cattewater (Plymouth) SX490534 All year, half-hourly
Summer 07.45-23.00 (weekends 09.00-23.00)
Winter 07.45-18.15 (weekends 09.00-18.15)
Tel: 07930 838614
Web: www.mountbattenferry.com
The ferry provides a short cut between Sutton Harbour in Plymouth and Mount Batten, crossing the Cattewater, which is the mouth of the River Plym. The walking route round the Cattewater is the formal route of the SWCP, and is described in the 2011 SWCPA Guidebook and signposted on site.
River Yealm SX549480 April-end of September, on demand 10.00-12.00 and 15.00-16.00
During fine weather and in school holidays, 10.00-16.00, but phone first to confirm.
Tel: 01752 880079 or 07817 132757
A walking route round the Yealm estuary is described in the 2011 SWCPA Guidebook; this is a distance of 9 miles/14.5km. Alternatively, it is possible to use public transport; bus between Wembury and Plymstock or Plymouth City Centre (First South Devon route 48), and bus between Plymstock or Plymouth City Centre and Noss Mayo (First South Devon route 94).
River Erme SX617476 No Ferry--paddle (to knee height) 1 hour each side of low tide. The SWCPA Guide has tide tables. Great care must be taken as heavy rain or seas can make the crossing dangerous. The old ford is not shown on modern OS maps but lies between reference 614 476 and 620 478 and connected the road by the row of coastguard cottages with the end of the inland road to Wonwell Beach from Kingston. A walking route round the Erme estuary is described in the 2011 SWPA Guidebok; this is a distance of 8 miles/14km.
River Avon SX666439 1st April-24th September, daily except Sundays, 10.00-11.00 and 15.00-16.00
Tel: 01548 856347 or 07811 385275
A walking route round the Avon Estuary is signposted as the Avon Estuary Walk and is described in the 2011 SWPA Guidebook. This is a distance of 8 miles/13km.
Salcombe--East Portlemouth SX743388 All year;
Summer (July and August), continuous 08.00-19.00 (start 08.30 weekends and Bank Holidays)
September-June inclusive, half-hourly, 08.00-17.30 (start 08.30 weekends and Bank Holidays)
Tel: 01548 842061 or 01548 842053
The only alternative is to take a taxi.
River Dart SX880512 Passenger ferry all year on continuous service
07.30-23.10 (Sundays 09.00-23.10)
Tel: 01803 555872
Web: www.dartmouthrailriver.co.uk
There are two vehicle ferries as well as the passenger ferry.
River Teign SX937723 April-mid July 08.00-18.00
Mid July-end of August 08.00-dusk
September-October 08.00-18.00
November-January 08.00-16.30 (weekends start 10.00)
February-March 08.00-17.00 (weekends start 10.00)
Tel: 07896 711822
Web: www.teignbridge.gov.uk/riverteignferry
A short inland detour to use the Shaldon road bridge.
River Exe (Starcross/Exmouth) SX987807 Mid April-end of October hourly, 7 days a week
Easter and October 10.10-16.10
Mid May and June to mid September 10.10-17.10
August 10.10-18.00
Tel: 01626 862452 or 07974 022536
There are three options:-
Bus or train Starcross-Exeter; bus or train Exeter-Exmouth.
Walk Starcross-Turf Lock on exe Valley Way (3 miles/5km); ferry Turf Lock-Topsham; Bus or train Topsham-Exmouth.
Walk Starcross-Topsham Lock (4.5 miles/7km); ferry Topsham Lock-Topsham; bbus or train Topsham-Exmouth.
Poole Harbour SZ037868 All Year, daily, every 20 minutes 07.00-23.00
Tel: 01929 450203
Web: www.sandbanksferry.co.uk
The only alternative is to take a taxi.