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Annual Guide

By becoming a member you join over 5,000 other walkers in supporting the work of the Association. This increases our ability to represent you through the work of the many groups who operate in partnership to run the path.

Membership benefits

Benefits of membership include:

  • Annual Guide
    • describes the entire path, with gradings and average timings
    • accommodation listings
    • tide tables
    • current ferry operating details
    • travel information
    • regular e-newsletters
    • plus a wealth of other useful information
  • Two newsletters each year which includes news about path alterations plus coast path walkers' letters, new book reviews and articles of special interest to coast path walkers
  • Two mailings to members every year, one at the end of February which includes the annual guide, and one in October.
  • If you are a UK tax payer, the Gift Aid proportion of your membership goes towards their path improvement fund, and so you will also be helping make the path even better.
UK Single £14.50
UK Joint £16.00
Life single £220.00
Life joint £250.00
Non-UK £22.00

How to join us

You may join us via our on-line shop.